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Most of our patients report that physical therapy at Bethesda Physiocare® is quite different from what they have experienced in other clinics.


Bethesda Physiocare® is uniquely positioned to meet the challenging needs of a wide range of patients. Individuals with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), for ...

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To schedule or cancel an appointment at Bethesda Physiocare®, please call us between 9:00am and 5:00pm at (301) 656-5613. Please bring ...

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In addition to Bethesda Physiocare, Dr. Jan Dommerholt has founded Myopain Seminars together with Dr. Robert Gerwin. Myopain Seminars is t ...

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Who is Jan Dommerholt?

Dr. Jan Dommerholt, PT, DPT,MPS,DAAPM, is an  accomplished and experienced Dutch-trained physical therapist. In addition to his physical therapy education, he has studied at New York University where he completed a course of study in Performing Artists Disorders (NYU Human Performance Analysis Laboratory). He completed a Master of Professional Studies with a concentration in biomechanical trauma from Lynn University, and a doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. Dr.Dommerholt is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management and a member of several medical and Physical Therapy Professional Organizations.

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Physical therapy in our clinics is always one-on-one; we never "double book" appointments and we reserve ample time to address patients' specific needs as they evolve.
Our physical therapist are experts in physical therapy diagnosis of movement impairments and continue to attend post-graduate courses.
Our physical therapists are trained in a variety of techniques including Dry Needling (DN), Graston Technique (GT), Craniofacial and Craniomandibular Therapy, and Stecco's Fascial Manipulation.
We have several clinical specialties, including orofacial physical therapy, performing arts physical therapy, pelvic pain/ dysfunction, chronic pain physical therapy. Our physical therapists are highly skilled in all areas of musculoskeletal dysfunction.


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