Specialists in Physical Therapy & Treatment of Pain & Dysfunction

ph_serv-sv-functionalCurrent research shows that the cause of most pain is functional in nature, such as decreased fitness levels, habitual work postures, prolonged static activities, and decrease activity tolerance. Through our relation with our sister company PhysioFitness in Rockville, MD, we offer extensive training programs to address any changes in functional status.

Following the initial physical therapy assessment, the therapist will determine the most appropriate course of action. Some patients will benefit from hands-on interventions, followed by functional training once their pain levels have been reduced. Others may enter the functional training stage immediately.

The functional training program consists of several stages. In the first stage, the emphasis is on spinal stability, during which patients will learn overall movement patterns, which we refer to as “grooving motor patterns.” In the second phase, the emphasis is on learning whole body stability and individual joint stability. Once patients master the first two stages, the focus shifts to increasing muscular and cardiovascular endurance, followed by specific strength and endurance training. Athletes are encouraged to complete the highest stage of the functional training program, during which they will develop power and agility.

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