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Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Dry Needling

—Ariella Cohen, student

I would like to thank you for your great help in your treatment for my left hand injury. Thank you also for helping me to realize how important it is to be aware of any tension while playing, and for having the right violin size for my hands. After your therapy, little by little, slowly but continuously, I started playing again and I have been playing since. My finger is getting stronger, and as long as I am relaxed when I play, it does not hurt. I have already played four concerts with the Maryland Symphony Orchestra!

Thanks to you, I can play again!

—Ariadna Buonviri, professional violinist

Jeannette was bitten inside the mouth by a neighbor’s dog. She was seven years old at the time. Immediately, she complained of not being able to eat or chew textured foods. Jeannette had always been a superb eater and as parents we were concerned. We were referred to an oral surgeon who saw that the condyle in Jeannette’s jaw had been significantly displaced. He recommended physical therapy but could not give us the name of a therapist who could help solve the problem. We initially took her to a physical therapist who was located in the same building as the oral surgeon because we did not know what else to do. After a few months, Jeannette had made limited progress and was still in a bad way. The therapist told us that she had done all she could for Jeannette and recommended Jan Dommerholt who was more specialized in this area, as she knew that Jeannette could make more progress.

“We first saw Jan Dommerholt in June 2005. Jeannette could hardly open her mouth, had to eat very soft blended foods, and had a hard time swallowing. Her balance was also affected by the displaced disks in her jaw. She could not ride a bike or a scooter.

“Immediately, Jan Dommerholt went to work—gloving up and getting inside her mouth to try to remedy the damage done. A few months later, Jeannette was able to eat Mini Wheats—something that had been a favorite and that she hadn’t been able to do since the dog attack. She began a rigorous exercise program recommended by Mr. Dommerholt, also accompanied by therapeutic massage, and jaw mobilizations. She made considerable progress and has been able to eat more textured foods and gain more function. The progress she has made would not have been possible without Jan Dommerholt.

—Parents of Jeannette

Bethesda Physiocare has provided a number of services that have assisted me in my journey to better health. The physical therapist made my dry needling experience a positive one and reduced the number of trigger points I have. The home-care program I received, helped me identify ergonomic issues I needed to be aware of and, with the guidance of the therapist, I could address them. The physical therapy services helped me improve my physical abilities. The road to myofascial pain recovery can often be a long and bumpy one, but I am happy to say that my road to success is a lot shorter and less bumpy with the care I have received at Bethesda Physiocare.

—Ms. A.T.

I had pain in my shoulders, neck and head for more than 10 years when I went to see my new doctor. I had gotten physical therapy several times with only slight improvement. I had also seen neurologists, thinking that my headaches were migraines, but migraine medication did not help me. Then my neurologist tried trigger point injections, but they did not help. Now I understand that she and the two others who tried trigger point injections were not getting to the site of the triggers. I tried orthopedists and pain specialists and only began to get relief when I found a massage therapist who understood trigger points and how they referred pain to other parts of the body. While the massage therapist was helpful, massage therapy is not covered by my insurance, and I just could not afford to get massages several times a week. The massage therapist had read about trigger points and learned that there were local experts on the topic. My new doctor recommended that I see a physical therapist at Bethesda Physiocare trained in trigger point therapy. I opted for dry needling, and though I was not the bravest (I brought my own stuffed animal to hold), I have had terrific results. Nothing else has helped me so quickly and completely. I trusted that everyone at Bethesda Physiocare was exceptionally trained and skilled and I was not disappointed.

—Elizabeth Page

The first time I visited Bethesda Physiocare, I was in so much pain with back spasms, that I was unable to walk without my husband’s assistance. After only one visit during which I received Trigger Point Dry Needling, I could feel the pain subsiding a bit. Eight visits later, I am virtually painfree and back to my normal routine, a miracle since I spent almost eight weeks in bed with pain before my visit to Bethesda Physiocare. I can’t tell enough people how much TPDN has helped me. Without visiting Bethesda Physiocare, I am convinced, I would still be in severe pain and trying to find someone or something to help. Thank you for your patience, expertise, and desire to help those in pain and discomfort.

—Anonymous satisfied patient