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Our Cold Laser Therapy Services

cold laser therapy at Bethesda Physiocare
Cold Laser Therapy, also known as Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), has been shown on multiple studies and systematic reviews to be effective in the reduction of pain of multiple conditions. Some of the conditions studied include TMJ disorders, fibromyalgia, knee osteoarthritis (OA), zygapophyseal joints (joints in the spine), plantar fasciitis, neck pain, non-specific chronic low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many others.

Laser therapy consists of a beam of light in the red and near-infrared spectrum directly on the skin reaching tissues underneath it. Our lasers have a frequency much lower than the ones used in surgery so it does not generate heat, hence the name cold laser. In fact, during treatment, you may not feel much at all while it’s affecting the tissues, because its effect is photochemical rather than thermal. It causes chemical changes within the cells being irradiated.

What to Expect from Cold Laser Therapy

Treatment sessions are short, lasting less than 10 minutes most of the time with a noticeable change in symptoms after a few sessions. Usually, laser treatments are combined with other therapy approaches. During your initial evaluation, your physical therapist will assess and discuss with you if LLLT is suitable for you and plan on adjunct treatment options for a comprehensive treatment plan.

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