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Performing Arts Physical Therapy Bethesda MD & Rockville MD

ph_serv-sp-performingStudies have shown that between 32% to 78% of professional musicians have disabling musculoskeletal problems. Young musicians often develop painful arms, necks and shoulders particularly after music summer camps or when practicing for a recital. When possible, musicians are requested to bring their instruments to the clinic. Bethesda Physiocare® features an upright piano to assist in the examination of keyboard players. Our physical therapy program allows musicians to return to their jobs or hobby, and play their instruments without pain.

As a former clarinetist and saxophonist, Dr. Dommerholt has developed expertise in the management of performing artists. His expertise has been recognized by the international arts medicine community as he has published book chapters in most leading performing arts medical text books. Dr. Dommerholt has been interviewed by the Washington Post about his experiences with musicians and he has been a frequent guest lecturer at the George Mason University Center for the Arts and Wellness in Fairfax, VA.

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